Providing professional service to ship-owners and seafarers in different areas of ship management, with special reference to labour intermediation and
maritime placement in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 of the International Labour Organization.


Quality, professionalism and personal service

In the integral crew management on behalf of ship-owners, search of candidates, drafting of documentation as regards boarding, transfers, insurance, payroll management, payroll advances, monitoring of casualties, repatriations and advice in general.

Free and personalised attention

To candidates, assistance in documentation, visas, vaccines, and information and advice under the Maritime Labour Convention.

Compliance with the registration duties

Set forth in the Maritime Labour Convention.

Additional services to ship-owners

Provisions, supplies, insurance, representation before authorities, claims management, maritime advice, negotiation of Conventions or working conditions under the Maritime Labour Convention, training, promotion and career plans, monitoring of accident prevention onboard vessel and advice in general.